Paradise Taveuni

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The exotic beaches, nature in all its abundance, not much of a disturbance, serene waters, cool locations are just some of the words that can describe the Fiji Islands. Located in the Pacific ocean, these Islands are dream destinations for the rest of the world. During the recent years Fiji Islands have become a touristic attraction place. Many activities which are of tourist attraction have been developed in the islands to make them even more appealing than ever.

The most important activity which should never be missed when embarking on a holiday in the islands is scuba diving Fiji. All facilities are available for experiencing diving Fiji, and the fear of being new to scuba diving should never bother you. Scuba diving gives you the experience of going underwater and knowing about the underwater world there which is both amazing and astonishing. Divers can experience the soft and hard coral reefs and see many underwater creatures which are unique. There are plenty of dive sites on the Fiji Islands and also local guides who provide you with the guidance required to undertake a diving experience. They also take care of the safety measures and ensure that you have a safe diving experience.

Recommended for

  • Good mid-range option with a focus towards diving

Prices Starting From:

$595Per Night

Resort Facilities

  • All meals daily (cooked breakfast, 1 course lunch and 2 course dinner)
  • Air-conditioning in Oceanfront Vales only
  • Other Bures are fan cooled
  • Private Sundeck
  • Mini-bar
  • Diving is our speciality